Holly Marie

Hello lovey!

My name is Holly Marie, and I am an alcoholic. Ha! Just kidding! (Although sometimes my chemo brain may make me seem like somewhat of an alcoholic.) I am actually a current cancer fighter, battling a grade III anaplastic astrocytoma. That’s just a really fancy way of saying that I have a primary brain tumor in my frontal lobe. I was diagnosed in the summer of 2016, and I am defying death as I write this.

I have been openly blogging about my journey over on my website since the beginning, more for my sanity than anything else, but after mulling it over, my loved ones and I decided that we’d come together to bring you this website. We are not doctors, just ordinary people facing this giant called cancer. We wanted to give you a place to find the perspective of an actual patient and caregivers/loved ones, which isn’t always easy to find. I believe that a huge part of the fear of having cancer comes from the unknown, and at least here you can read about the experience from the perspective of someone who is living it.

Feel free to browse to your heart’s content, and be sure to reach out to us. I know that I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to giving cancer a swift kick in its nether-regions.


PS: As a lawyer by trade, I must mention that we are not medical professionals, and nothing on this blog should substitute advice from your medical team. We are simply offering our perspectives and resources that we have found helpful, in the hopes that they will also be beneficial to you.