Hello Everyone!

I’m Brittany, and I am here against my will–send help. All joking aside, I am here because someone very important to me asked me to help contribute to her blog and talk about my experiences as a loved one of someone with cancer–well more specifically, one of her loved ones. The person I am referring to, of course, is Holly.

I am pretty comfortable making lists, in fact I love them, so here is a little list about myself and what I bring to this blog.


  1. I am a High School English Teacher.
  2. I am married to a wonderful woman, who I met because her bff, Holly, helped to put us in contact with one another.
  3. I am an avid gamer and all around nerd.
  4. I love cooking and testing out new recipes on my unsuspecting family and friends.
  5. Coffee is my life’s blood. I probably drink too much of it.

What I bring to the blog:

  1. My sense of humor (we need that sometimes right? Especially when things seem grave).
  2. The perspective of someone who is watching their loved one battle cancer.
  3. Some kick ass recipes for people with a sensitive diet.
  4. Some important tips that I have learned over time.
  5. Cool stories, that I bet are a little unbelievable in their truth.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and find it to be helpful in your own battle, or the battle of someone you love. It is important to note that we are not doctors, we have no medical experience, and are not experts in anything medicine (remember all the coffee I drink). You should always take the advice of your medical team, and do whatever is best for your recovery. We are simply here to share our stories and experiences. Enjoy the blog.See you aroun.png