The GB to the C

Welcome to our Guidebook to Cancer, where we hope you will find useful information on your unexpected and unwanted relationship with cancer. We wish that you didn’t have to be here, browsing this site’s content, but we are happy that we are able to offer you a virtual hug and as much support as we can give.

I am the “cancer patient” voice that you will find on this site, and likely the one who will post more frequently than the others. Our goal is to offer firsthand insights into what it is like living with cancer and what it is like caring for someone with cancer. As a patient, you’ll be bombarded by your medical team with information and advice on treatments and therapies to improve your quality of life, all of which are very important. You’ll also be overwhelmed with support and sympathy from those around you, but let me tell you, nothing compares to someone who can empathize with you.

While cancer is highly individualistic, there are certain aspects of being a cancer patient that are universal, and sometimes what we need is someone who has experienced the feelings, thoughts and experiences that you may encounter. Whether you are currently battling cancer or supporting someone who is in the foray, let us be those people who can honestly say, “I know exactly what you are going through. I have lived this.”


Keep fighting, friends.

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